Just a blog to post everyday thoughts, pictures, poems, videos etc. I love the music of Mumford and Sons, Queen, The Beatles, AC/DC, Andrew Bird, Lumineers, Justin Townes Earle, The Mowgli's... the list goes on and on.

I'm also Sherlocked, Cumberbatched, Loki'ed, and have been called into the Supernatural fandom. I love Star Trek, Stargate, and Farscape, and anything that's hilarious, pretty, or otherwise provokes my thoughts.

I don't always make sense. I suppose it's the usual Tumblr crazy blog. Forgive my slight Mumsession and the occasional rant.

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My letter to the Supernatural fandom


Dear Supernatural fandom,

I just started watching Supernatural for the very first time. I now understand why y’all just can’t and y’all just unf and why Sam and Dean.

Your newest recruit.

My birthday girl. Can’t believe my daughter is 15!

My birthday girl. Can’t believe my daughter is 15!

Ah yes. Rainbow.  (at Schofield Barracks)

Ah yes. Rainbow. (at Schofield Barracks)

My husband just stood in front of the new microwave for like 10 mins because he couldn’t figure out how to use it. So I walked over and showed him how, and he just stared at the microwave another 10 minutes before he walked away saying “alright, whatever!”

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i love you all

i am sorry if you don’t Captain Swan right now, but I thank you for still following me.

Lunar eclipse tonight. Woo…