My husband is thinking retirement. After 21 years in the military, I’m surprised he hasn’t already. So three years here and then retirement. I don’t know what to think, but I can’t blame him for being tired. 4 wars/conflicts later, I believe he’s earned his retirement.

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there was a beach poster at this restaurant 12,000 feet up in the mountains so of course I had to take a picture in front of it

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"Post show jam ruined by a hooligan with a fire extinguisher. You know who you are" -Ted Dwane

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Red Rocks


So I had some Mumford feels and decided to watch Road to Red Rocks.

It was filmed on August 29th 2012.
In that moment of time, playing red rocks was the “we made it factor” in America (shepherds bush in England)

But think about that. That was the dream. That was the goal of the tour, to play…

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Is the best word I’ve heard all day!

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Marcus Mumford

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abfoster1s replied to your photo post: Love it! Amazing
Thank you. He wants a Steve next. Lol.
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Finally finished the creeper.

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Hey, your header gif is adorable! And do you know who has the video of Marcus hopping offstage handing a girl his bear?
- marcusandsons

Heya. Thank you.
The video you’re looking for was originally posted by
rollawaymine. He gave the beer to a girl with the tumblr URL

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Ahhh yes Marcus Mumford has such a beautiful face



I mean look at him 





He could be a male model 







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Ben Lovett DJing at Sound Waves at the Beach on Saturday, July 19th, 2014. [x]

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My quadruple reversible pillow case is FINALLY DONE!!!!
This took a lot longer than I thought, but honestly this is probably the best thing I’ve made. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and I’m super proud because this is one of the few projects to actually have gotten finished in less than a year! Lmao.

I think the colourful square pattern with the strawberry is my favourite.

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