Time to get working on the costume.

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Bruce Hornsby Tour This Summer!


We’re very excited to announce that, from June 21st - July 5th, ChessBoxer will be on tour with the legendary Bruce Hornsby as main support for the 2014 Noisemakers Summer Tour! In addition to opening, you’ll be able to catch Ross playing fiddle and mandolin with the Noisemakers. This is going to be a fantastic tour with one of our favorite artists - we’re incredibly honored to be joining in the festivities!

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Celtic Connections review: We Banjo 3 with Chessboxer, Glasgow

The US duo of Ross Holmes and Matt Menefee proved as inventive, eclectic and eccentric as their hybrid sport’s name suggests, delivering an exuberant, galloping tribute to a computer game horse, an unusually graceful rendition of Welsh rugby hymn Calon Lân and a delightful bluegrass interpretation of Britney Spears’s Toxic, with Holmes chopping away on the fiddle with gleeful mischief in his eyes.

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Chessboxer - Technicolour

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When my kids have too much time on their hands.

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So my daughter has way too much time on her hand.

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It’s finally here!!!!!!

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Had to get this since my son follows all WTK Vlogs and blogs. @traviswethekings @jennyrobinson1 , thank you.

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Spoiled little demon dog.

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someone tell me this is bullshit

debunked. carey’s rep said it’s (and i quote) “absolutely not true”

thank god. usually things in magazines are fake anyways but it just pisses me off that people will say things like this about celebrities for money.

exactly. i personally don’t think someone could get lower than this. carey and marcus don’t deserve this and i’m sure they would be absolutely appalled if they ever saw it

The sad thing is is that these “journalists” think they know where a relationship is heading based on how much time they spend together. I’m actually quite sure they both knew where they were at in their careers, and where their careers were heading.

And those so called friends are probably “met them once acquaintances” who see but don’t observe, and even if they did know, I doubt true friends of the couple would drop a shell like that. Reality is, we don’t know either well enough to know what’s going on behind their doors, and I actually like it that way.

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Marcus would be a great male model… Just look at that face. ^_^

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Your Daily Dose of Mumford and Sons
September 15th, 2014
Features pictures and yesterday in Mumford and Sons’ history, Sister being performed at the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in St Augustine in 2013.

Read more on MumsonFans.com

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I got a thing for men with dark hair and great eyes.
David Belle [photograph by Isabelle Ruen].
Tssssss hawt. He’s got a Marcus vibe.
I’m bad.

I was just thinking: if Josh Radnor and Marcus Mumford had a baby, he or she would look like this.

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